How to Dodge Domain Squatters

What are domain squatters and how can I avoid getting caught out by them? via

What’s domain squatting and why the hell would anyone want to steal your domain name? What is Domain Squatting? Domain squatting is the old west equivalent of two gun slingers meeting on a dusty street at high noon. The quicker your draw, the better ... [ Read More ]

My dad, the great cats eye hunter

Reminiscing about my father

When I was pregnant with my oldest child my father died. Dad had been ill for some time with lung cancer. He was cared for at my childhood home by my mother and brother. When he died I was lying next to him. I was sleeping the deep and heavy sleep of ... [ Read More ]

Where I’ve been hanging out

Today I’m going to share some posts I’ve written elsewhere. Project Underblog Project UnderBlog is a place where bloggers are accepted based on the power of their words and not on the reach of their numbers. Project Underblog is a submission site ... [ Read More ]

Mothers and girls

Guest post on by Rachel (Three Boys and a Mom)

I'm thrilled today to introduce the beautiful Rachel from Three Boys and a Mom who is guest posting here at Lifeblooming for the first time. Rachael is a 29 year old mom of 3 boys; identical twin 2 year olds and a 10 month old. She has a master's degree ... [ Read More ]

Drama queens and me

Drama Queens and Me via

I’ve been thinking for a while about the direction the blog is going in. I love the topics but the blog’s feeling a bit like a multi-headed hydra where each head’s a diva demanding a greater share of the spotlight. I’ve thought of ways to bring a ... [ Read More ]

I found aliens here on earth

Forget the stars. I found aliens here on earth. via

I found aliens here on earth Seriously. Why have my potatoes been taken over by aliens? The one in front's got colonies of the creepy little buggers. This sort of unholy nonsense freaks me right out. I imagine the tentacles wrapping around my ... [ Read More ]

Self Esteem (My Greatest Mothering Fear)

A guest post about building self-esteem in her daughters by Brittany of "Brookie the Brave" via

I am so honoured today to introduce guest poster Brittany Miller. Brittany blogs at Brookie the Brave; Reflections on Motherhood with humor, grace and love about her family, motherhood in general and from the perspective of a special needs mom. Here she ... [ Read More ]

Dear Abby, is this sh!t normal?

An imaginary letter from a mama to Abby. Dear Abby, is this sh!t normal? via

I’ve never written to an advice columnist but I love reading the letters of people who do. From some hubby’s inability to figure out how a clitoris works to weirdo kids and worrying about whether your predilection for crocheted bunny rabbit covers for your ... [ Read More ]