Women and work: Jacqueline de Heer

The Women and Work Interview Series via http://lifeblooming.com

In the Women and Work series women discuss how work fits into their lives. Whether it’s paid work, voluntary or domestic, the shape of it and affect on their lives will be explored. Each woman will answer the same ten questions about their relationship with ... [ Read More ]

Raising Powerful Daughters: Modern feminism

rpd - modern feminism

Raising powerful daughters and empowered women is a discussion series which explores what it means to raise daughters into strong, capable women. It looks at the actionable and practical things we can do towards that goal. Modern feminism Today's ... [ Read More ]

My Retro.. Enamel cookware

Groovy enamel kitchenware via http://lifeblooming.com

When I was little my nan came to live with us. Mum and dad built a 2 bedroom granny flat in our backyard for her. I loved visiting with nan. Her house was beautifully kept, always spotlessly clean with the most gorgeous objects arranged on tables, ... [ Read More ]

Free stock photos for your blog

A list of free stock photos for your blog via http://lifeblooming.com

Getting the right images to accompany your blog post is crucial. It’s a key part in how your readers perceive the post while they’re on the page. Just as importantly, the influence continues well after they leave. A good quality, highly shareable image ... [ Read More ]

Help! I think I suck at blogging!

Blogging tips and tools from http://lifeblooming.com

Having a blog is hard work. You spend hours writing and promoting your blog and more hours maintaining it. And for what? Your traffic stats blow and you feel like nothing you do is working. Yeah sure, it’s nice to have a creative outlet but why did you ... [ Read More ]

A collection of crochet necklaces

A collection of handcrafted crochet necklaces via http://lifeblooming.com

A couple of years ago I was inspired to create a range of crochet necklaces. My skills are pretty basic. I learned how to crochet at school when I was twelve. It sounds a strange thing to teach a bunch of pre-pubescent girls but it wasn’t as ... [ Read More ]