Big Little kids clothes

handmade vintage woollen baby shoes pink with roses

Here in the South Pacific the crispness of winter has finally touched our fair land and I’m longing for warm, beautiful fabrics. And mulled wine. In the absence of wine I'm browsing for visual comfort and Big Little has just what I need. Lisa, the ... [ Read More ]

Monday minipost – buying art for kids

Beautiful illustration of a lion by Millie Strong via

I've been trawling fairs and markets recently on a shopping expedition for my munchkins. Their birthdays have just passed and they've each received a little money. Some of the dosh has been squirrelled away in bank accounts, some has been joyfully spent on ... [ Read More ]

Women and work: Sally Tau

inspiring women and work female entrepreneur sally tau

In the Women and Work series women discuss how work fits into their lives. Whether it’s paid work, voluntary or domestic, the shape of it and affect on their lives will be explored. Each woman will answer the same ten questions about their relationship with ... [ Read More ]

My Retro.. Stax House Ware

vintage plastic cups and saucers

In the My Retro.. lifestyle series, the ladies from Bachology (the gorgeous vintage blog and online store) and I share a favourite retro piece with you. Today Sharon Elizabeth tells us the beautiful story behind her lovely handmade milk jug covers. I ... [ Read More ]