I found aliens here on earth

Forget the stars. I found aliens here on earth. via http://lifeblooming.com

I found aliens here on earth Seriously. Why have my potatoes been taken over by aliens? The one in front's got colonies of the creepy little buggers. This sort of unholy nonsense freaks me right out. I imagine the tentacles wrapping around my ... [ Read More ]

Self Esteem (My Greatest Mothering Fear)

A guest post about building self-esteem in her daughters by Brittany of "Brookie the Brave" via http://lifeblooming.com

I am so honoured today to introduce guest poster Brittany Miller. Brittany blogs at Brookie the Brave; Reflections on Motherhood with humor, grace and love about her family, motherhood in general and from the perspective of a special needs mom. Here she ... [ Read More ]

Dear Abby, is this sh!t normal?

An imaginary letter from a mama to Abby. Dear Abby, is this sh!t normal? via http://lifeblooming.com

I’ve never written to an advice columnist but I love reading the letters of people who do. From some hubby’s inability to figure out how a clitoris works to weirdo kids and worrying about whether your predilection for crocheted bunny rabbit covers for your ... [ Read More ]

Teaching children respect


My name is Jen and I blog over at JENerally Informed. I was excited when Lisa asked me to guest post here on Life Blooming. I have learned quite a bit from her topic selections and was thrilled she thought I had something I could add to her discussion on ... [ Read More ]

The return of big red

Adult humor women's issues

Heads up squeamish friends, this post involves detailed discussion of ladies monthly iss-ues and unladylike language. I love you guys so didn’t want you to accidentally discover this stuff yourselves... It gets rude and very icky. I have four children ... [ Read More ]

Women and work: Jacqueline de Heer

The Women and Work Interview Series via http://lifeblooming.com

In the Women and Work series women discuss how work fits into their lives. Whether it’s paid work, voluntary or domestic, the shape of it and affect on their lives will be explored. Each woman will answer the same ten questions about their relationship with ... [ Read More ]