My Retro.. Frosted glassware

I love trawling through op shops. There’s that sense of excitement that on that shelf, behind those drawers, on that rack I’ll discover treasure.

Some years ago I went through a phase of collecting frosted glassware from these aladdin’s caves.

I’d fill them with amber or soft berry coloured concoctions and share them with friends as we cackled, chatted and danced the night away.

These days I’m more likely to fill them with strawberry lemonade or homemade cordial and have tea parties with little peeps.

For more retro and vintage goodness head over to the My Retro sister post on Bachology. Today Lynda presents some very pretty retro pyrex dishes that I’m salivating over even while they’re empty!

vintage 1960s frosted drinking glasses

Frosted glassware was popular in the 1960s. Most frosting is a smooth, opaque layer that covers the whole glass. In some instances the frosting is textured like here where the frosting forms a grip band where the glass is held.

1960s textured retro drinking glass

You can still pick these little glasses up for a good price. They’re fun and unpretentious and whether you’re filling them with kiddly or grown-uply beverages they’re sure to add a little bit of charm to your next tea party or picnic.

vintage 1960s frosted drinking glasses


  1. says

    I am seriously coveting these Lisa. What gorgeous glasses! I am always keeping my eye out for these, but haven’t seen any quite so beautiful before. Great find. :-)

    • Lisa says

      Actually, I must do some more trawling to see if I can find some more colours! They are a little bit of sunshine.

    • Lisa says

      Maybe you should check out some op shops in Michigan? You will need something bright to add some zing to your apartment like that red couch (yes I popped over to check out your blog – very cute)!

  2. says

    I am not really familiar with these, but I love the retro feel. I have been thinking about starting to collect the Ball mason jar-type retro drinking glasses or getting some knock offs. I just moved and am one street over from a Salvation Army store, so maybe I can scout there for a start. Cheers!

    • Lisa says

      The transfer glasses are more common than the textured frosted glasses.

      Ooh yeah, I like those ones too. I’m close to a few good Salvy Army stores too but these days are more likely to hit them for old books. I’ll have to have a nosey at the glasses next time I visit and see what I can discover.

    • Lisa says

      Hello fellow op shopper! We’ve got some fab op shops around us too, I’m gonna pop out tomorrow and check out their wares. How cool! They are on the smaller side and the glass is quite delicate – the pastel colouring would have been lovely.

      I love your blog btw. I like how you balance delicious food, nutrition, education etc without crossing into lecture or sainthood – it’s a tricky tone to strike but you’ve done it!

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