Mixed bag: Crying over spilt cereal, girls, shy boys and more

If you’ve read my recent post on the results of my blogger community experiment you’ll know why this Mixed Bag post might be a bit hard to craft. But then it’s also highly likely you’re not reading this post anyway so I can probably write complete and utter bollocks with wild abandon. And that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’ve been finding myself having little sooks of late. Sooks for those who aren’t from the Antipodes is what you do when you’re a ‘sookie bubba’ or ‘cry baby’. In any case, I’ve been shedding water from the direction of my eyeballs more often than I normally would.

Normal is pretty much once every few years. That happens to coincide with the frequency of my labour and child birthing experiences which is enough to draw tears and other liquids from the best of us. But this new trend has been quite disconcerting.

Like just now, I cried over a youtube video ‘Shy Boy and Friend WOW Audience with The Prayer – Jonathan and Charlotte – Unbelievable!’ Actually, what was unbelievable was the length of that freaking title. But OMG – it’s a sodding Britain’s Got Talent out-take! With Simon Cowell! From 2012! And I cried! Ah for f@rk’s sake. I don’t know what’s going on.

I also cried at the “Like a Girl” ad. Just for clarification I didn’t ‘cry like a girl’, I cried like a girl. It’s an important distinction. I have three daughters.

And the other day I went and hid from the kids and cried under the house.

To be fair, my hubby had allegedly fled the country (aka travelled overseas for his work). I suspect he just goes and books into a motel for a week to sleep and watch tv safe from the nagging wife and rambunctious kids.

We were running late for school and it was taking for-f@rkking-ever for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my FOUR kids to get dressed. Despite my brain telling me I was being, like, rully rully, like, stupid, it FELT like they were doing it on purpose.

They didn’t care I’d been woken by random offspring throughout the night, gotten up early, made lovely lunches for them so they’d have something to throw into the bin at lunchtime, cleaned up the food the baby had thrown all over the curtains, chairs and floor which her and the other wee child had danced on cos it felt mushy on their toesies when they squished it into the carpet. Why didn’t they care? Why weren’t they being considerate of MY feelings? And even more importantly, why were they taking so bloody long?

Yeah alright, completely moronic.

In any case I shed a few tears and all I got for my trouble was, “uh, what are you crying for?” Accompanied by a healthy dose of condescension and a teensy little, what, sneer?? So I went under the house where I could sook without fear of being shamed out by my kids. We’ve got wooden floors so I could hear them up top. Yup, THEM. Then I got over myself and slunk back.

We sang Everything is Awesome at the top of our lungs on the way to school. After that the rest of the week without hubby went smooth as.

By the way, that did happen to be the day my youngest went to daycare for the first time. It also meant my time at home is coming to an end and I’m going to have to head back into the workforce. That mighta had something to do with it.

Anyway, here’s the rest of the stuff I cried at or sang over the past week plus some other random sh!t.

And I love me some Maxwell. Looking forward to this year’s Soulfest! Here’s a 90s flashback for you.


  1. says

    Sometimes you gotta just let it out and have a good cry. I might be having one myself soon. Then get over it and move on. Also, I heard on a local radio station a metal cover of “Let It Go” so I take back what I said about my nephew singing it. Now I’ll always think about the hilarious cover! Or I’ll just buy him the Lego Movie so we can sing “Everything is Awesome” repeatedly.

    • Lisa says

      Have you seen that Pearl Jam concert snippet? (http://youtu.be/kBPRVUG0kiQ) yep, Let it Go cover.

      Definitely get the Lego Movie – it’s a good one for a wide range of munchkins which is handy. And I gotta say I love the Batman character.


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