A collection of crochet necklaces

A collection of handcrafted crochet necklaces via http://lifeblooming.com

A couple of years ago I was inspired to create a range of crochet necklaces.

My skills are pretty basic. I learned how to crochet at school when I was twelve.

It sounds a strange thing to teach a bunch of pre-pubescent girls but it wasn’t as anachronistic as it seems. We weren’t being taught proper, womenly occupations. We were in fact innocents caught up in a well-planned blackmail exercise.

Those particular lessons occurred in the run-up to the school fair. So along with learning a little handicraft, we were also producing piles of wonky accessories which parents were then obliged to purchase.

I attempted and failed to make a crochet blanket so my own parents were quite literally off the hook. I think they may have bought jasmine scented handcream, fudge, coconut ice and other typical fair fare of the time. The eau de jasmine might give you a clue about when that might have been.

My inability to produce a blanket was less of a disappointment than you might think because the colours I chose were horrendous. If memory serves me right, these were they –

red, black and blue

Although my early crocheting was tinged with failure, abysmal colour choice and complicity, I returned to it after my first offspring were sprung.

My motivation for doing so was a desire to add to the treasure trove of beloved heirloom items we are so lucky to have.

Carefully folded on shelves or hanging on towel rails used every day are riches disguised as humble domestic objects. My babies great great grandmother through to my mother (their grandma) have imbued these items with love and beauty.

I simply aspire to add to this lovely collection in the knowledge that one day my babies or their babes will possess them in their homes. In this way their ancestral mamas will be present in both hearts and hearth.

For one reason or another I have to date made one and a half blankets. With my half blanket I appear to have continued a wont of making unsatisfactorily sized covers. I called it my practice run, dubbed it a lap blanket and moved on to a pattern that suited my tendency to arrive quickly at ideas and boredom.

Bathing in the satisfaction of finally finishing a blanket that is capable of being used as such, I kept crocheting for a while although sensibly focussed on much smaller projects. That’s where the necklaces come in.

I searched for a pattern using the keywords ‘quick’ and ‘easy’. It’s best if you also add another couple of words such as ‘crochet’ and ‘pattern’. Just saying.

I found one for a crochet bib necklace that was allegedly capable of being completed within 45 minutes.

It actually came pretty close.

After the first necklace I put the pattern aside and came up with my own designs. After all, to a great extent it’s simply a matter of going in one direction then turning around and going in another.

I made several while the motivation lasted.

I haven’t had much opportunity to wear these this past winter. They look good though worn with a plain singlet and suit jacket.

Here’s part of the collection.

Wool neckware with black satin ribbon via http://lifeblooming.com

Woollen jewellery black with grey satin ribbon via http://lifeblooming.com

Black woollen lacy necklace via http://lifeblooming.com

Mixed media art jewellery via http://lifeblooming.com

Close up of mixed media handmade jewellery via http://lifeblooming.com

Blue crochet bib necklace via http://lifeblooming.com

Handmade woollen chain link jewellery via http://lifeblooming.com

Chainlink necklace grey and silver via http://lifeblooming.com

One day soon I’ll start on a new blanket.

What have you made for your kids in the way of inheritable treasure?


  1. says

    Ha ha…your blanket reminds me of many such stuff I plan to do but never get to do (like making a dress 4 my daughter). Well all the best with ur balnket plan. I love these necklaces u made. They look very nice and cozy, perfect 4 winter ☺

  2. says

    These are beautiful! I also learned to crochet as a young teen, but have forgotten how to now. I have knitted quite a bit, We are in Phuket, Thailand and it is so hot all the time, so I gave up the knitting for now as I do not think anyone wants heavy scarves or sweaters here. :) I did knit my daughter a blanket before she was born and never used it either. Oh well, it was worth a try. LOL

    • Lisa says

      Hi Jenny! Haha – not much call for snuggly woollen anything in Phuket I’d have thought! Making memories not scarves – a good swap I reckon.

  3. says

    Oh come on, that colour combo isn’t so bad. (You can start ignoring my fashion advice any time now.)

    Love the necklaces – definitely something different to me. Any shots of them being worn?

    • Lisa says

      Hey Bronwyn! Oh man, actually the colours don’t look as gross on the page as they would in a woollen blanket..

      Thanks and no I don’t have any shots of them being worn – good question – I’ll have to work on that!

    • Lisa says

      Hey Katie! That under 1 hour pattern inspired me! I get too impatient to have the finished item which is why it’s taking so long to do the blankets. Hmm, I wonder if my son would be satisfied with a necklace instead..

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Lauren! I saw similar ones in a couple of art exhibitions and thought they looked like they could be quite easy to make.

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Melissa! I hesitate to say I can sew a button on – I’ve done it a few times but it’s never been a pleasant experience.

  4. says

    Very pretty!!!! I love crocheting but haven’t dine it in forever… I’ve made several blankets and scarves but that’s it… I’d like to get back into it if I can ever find time. Beautiful collection!

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Rachel! Hah you sound like me (except with way more blankets)! Look up ‘quick and easy’ (but do add ‘crochet’) and I’m sure you’ll find a few evening projects – actually if you left the word ‘crochet’ off your search term you’ll probably find another sort of evening project!

  5. says

    I love the idea of heirloom items. I wish I could crochet. All I’ll be passing down to my kids is a book I wrote about them as tiny tots that they hopefully won’t find too humiliating as adults. A blanket is probably a nicer (and safer) idea :)

    • Lisa says

      Hi Meredith! I love them too. Hah – along with a book (wow!) you’re also passing on the example of what’s possible when you put your mind to things. What’s achievable. What happens when dream + effort are combined. I think that’s a great thing to pass on to your babies.


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